Naoki Higashida – A Primer


In case you want to know a little bit about Naoki before you start the book, here’s an article from the Japan Times from March of 2015. It brings together how British author David Mitchell became acquainted with Naoki and briefly covers how Naoki communicates with the world, writes his books (18 published in Japan), and his mother’s view on his condition.

The Reason I Jump


For February 2016 we are reading The Reason I Jump: The Inner Voice of a Thirteen-Year Old Boy with Autism by Naoki Higashida for our February 29th discussion.

As always if you didn’t pick up your copy of this month’s book at the last discussion, you can pick it up at at the Circulation Desk on the 1st floor.

Erik Larson Thunderstruck Book Discussion

As mentioned in our book discussion last night, here is a book discussion Erik Larson held after publishing Thunderstruck at the Printer’s Row Book Fair in Chicago in 2007. Enjoy!


The Murder of Cora

For those who want a deeper look into the Crippen case (if that’s even necessary!) check this out:

The original transcript of the court proceedings from The Proceedings of the Old Bailey.

Some excellent photographs of Hilldrop Crescent, Cora, Hawley, Ethel, and the crime scene.


The Marconi Machine

Erik Larson describes the Marconi Machine pretty well but I think it would help if we saw some images from the time to understand what Marconi’s Machine looked like as well as what some of his experiments looked like as well.

These images are from the Library of Congress.

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