Elizabethan Era Portrayed in Movies


As we all know, movies are made to entertain, not educate. If they were for education then we’d all be frightened of giant sand worms, legions of zombies, falling pianos, ill-timed revenge, seeing big dramatic speeches in airports and all of our neighbors being psychopathic murderers. It’s all just for fun!

However, when Hollywood decides to do a period piece (any period if we’re honest) the costuming is what puts us into the time and the setting and most of the time that setting is decided not by historians but by producers and costumers. This blog entry nails many of the costuming shortcuts and faux pas in the most famous period pieces of our time.

And after you’re done reading that, go ahead and see their Top 5 Elizabethan movies/TV shows to get you in the spirit of the book.

Hey it doesn’t have to be accurate, just fun. Leave the historical reality to Ian Mortimer.

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