Lab Girl Discussion: Monday March 26


Reminder that we are discussing Lab Girl on Monday, March 26 7pm-8pm in the 3rd floor board room.

Pictures of Axel Heiburg Island

Here’s more information on Axel Heiburg Island, a very cool place that exists:

The entry from the Candadian Encyclopedia: 

Click on the images below to expand them:

The Mass Spectrometer

From the nice folks at NASA, here’s how a Quadropole Mass Spectrometer works:

Glass Blowing: An Introduction

From the Chrysler Museum of Art, a quick primer on glass blowing. A warning: the audio of the video is loud. Turn down the sound of your speakers or headphones before playing to low.

This is a video from MIT’s Glass Lab

This last video is from University of Kentucky’s Scientific Glass Blower, Jeff Babbit

Jean Genet

If you want to read more about the outrageous Jean Genet, read this New York Times Review of Books article about a biography written about him. Also read this Washington Post obituary about his life.

The Hackberry Tree

Jahren Lab

To get an idea about the author’s work, visit her website . She has a list of free PDF’s of her research and professional publicans that you can download and read. They also have a Twitter feed you can follow which is full of pictures.

Hope Jahren Interview

Here is an interview Hope Jahren did with PBS News Hour.

March Book: Lab Girl


Our next book is Lab Girlby Hope Jahren. The discussion will be March 26th, at 7pm in the Board Room. If you or a friend would like to join the discussion, pick up a copy of the book at the Circulation Desk on the main floor.

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