Mark Rothko – Blue, Green and Brown


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Ocean Vuong Background


The translated Vietnamese on p. 19:

How are you? Where are you now? I miss you and me more though.”

I have a translation for the proverb on p. 20:

KHÔNG CÓ GÌ BẰNG CƠM VỚI CÁ, KHÔNG CÓ GÌ BẰNG MÁ VỚI CON, which means “there is nothing compared to rice and fish, just like there is nothing compared to the mother and her child..”


Reading a Poem


This is something I handed out at the last discussion from the Scottish Poetry Library.  I think it’s a great guide for people who don’t read poetry often or at all.

Ocean Vuong Reading

Here is Ocean reading at the T.S. Eliot Prize Shortlist Readings. Ocean does not talk until about the 2nd minute. The person introducing him is Ian McMillan

Ocean Vuong Interview

Here is an interview Ocean Vuong did with PBS NewsHour

April’s Book: Night Sky With Exit Wounds


For April we’re doing poetry! Pick up a copy of Ocean Vuong’s Night Sky With Exit Wounds at the Circulation if you have not already. We will meet to discuss the book April 30th.

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