For the clip first mentioned in Fantasyland, here’s a young(er) Stephen Colbert debuting his character for the Colbert Report defining the idea of ‘truthiness’—truthiness

After Colbert encapsulated this idea of ‘truthiness’ during the George W. Bush administration, the news media and even academia started exploring this idea of ‘truthiness’. Some articles to consider:

Mercury News – Gut instinct and `truthiness’ overcome scientific facts in public policy arena – July 23, 2007

Scientific American – Scientists Dissect the Psychology of “Truthiness”: Researchers find a simple way to make statements seem truer – October 31, 2012

Georgia State University – Nothing But the Truthiness: A History of Television News  Parody and its Entry into the Journalistic Field – Curt W. Hersey – August 13, 2013

Psychology Today – The Dangers of “Truthiness” – September 25, 2009

CBS News: The Truth of Truthiness – December 12, 2006

The Week: How America Skidded from ‘Truthiness’ to ‘Post-Truth’- November 29, 2016


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