Take A Stroll Through Mooreland

Using Google Maps, we can take a virtual tour of Mooreland! Follow this link.

If you do not know how to use Google’s street view, here are some directions.

  1. Look in the bottom right corner for the yellow person icon, it looks like this: g
  2. Click and hold on the person icon. Drag the yellow guy to any of the streets that have now turned blue g2
  3. Let go and the camera will zoom in so it feels like you’re walking around town!
  4. Use the mouse to walk around town. Click and hold to move the camera in any direction. You can also click on the arrow on the street to ‘walk’ anywhere around town! g3
  5. To leave street mode click on the zoom out box (-) in the bottom right corner

And that’s it. Have fun! On the bottom are photographs submitted either by Google or other people you can click on and explore as well.

Thomas Jefferson – Monticello

For those curious about Thomas Jefferson’s estate Monticello, here are some photographs of the grounds including the flower garden, orchard, vegetable garden and the grove.  There is also a complete list of everything grown at Monticello here. And if you want to know what is in bloom when, find that out here.


George Washington’s Gardening References


Mentioned throughout the first chapter is George Washington’s love of Philip Miller’s Gardeners Dictionary. I have found a free online copy from the lovely people at archive.org. You can read a copy of it right there on the page or download a free copy to your device or computer for better inspection.


I have also found Batty Langley’s New Principles of Gardening at archive.org. Same deal as the first book: you can read it (in full color!) on the page or download a free copy to yourself.

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