The Murder of Cora

For those who want a deeper look into the Crippen case (if that’s even necessary!) check this out:

The original transcript of the court proceedings from The Proceedings of the Old Bailey.

Some excellent photographs of Hilldrop Crescent, Cora, Hawley, Ethel, and the crime scene.


Erik Larson On Ideas

This is a great Wall Street Journal interview Erik Larson gave back in March of this year where they ask how he gets his inspiration. He also gives a little inside baseball on the publishing industry and what he his process is when forming his projects. It’s a lot of information in two questions!

Follow this link to walk the video. I couldn’t just put┬áthe video here due to the WSJ’s website code. There is an ad, wait for it to pass and you’ll get to the interview. It is 5 minutes long.

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