Elizabethan Houses


Here are a few great houses and a palace so you can get an idea what Elizabethan architecture looked like.

Wollaton Hall. The website includes great pictures of rooms and a historical timeline

Hardwick Hall. Pictures of the house and grounds as well as the gallery.

Montacute. Click on the picture gallery.

Hampton Court. Can be rented for special occasions!


Elizabethan Boats and Exploration


Had enough information about the Elizabethan era, yet? Well here’s some more! Boats were a huge part of Elizabeth’s dreams of economic and military power. Here are some resources that will expand your knowledge even further about Elizabethan exploration and what kind of boats there actually were.

Gresham College – Elizabethan Merchant Ships and Shipbuilding (hour long lecture, worth it to skip around for the pictures)

Sir Julian Stafford Corbett – Drake and the Tudor Navy (again, worth it for the pictures)

British Library – Exploration and Trade in Elizabethan England (great picture galleries!)

J.P. Sommerville – Elizabethan Exploration (Maps!)



16th Century Food

You might have been wondering: how can I, a person of the 21st Century, eat like the people of the Elizabethan era? Well curious gourmand, wonder no more! Here are some recipes you can make to re-create the foods of an era long past!

On this website: http://www.elizabethan-era.org.uk/old-elizabethan-recipes.htm, You will find a lot of recipes with links to pastries, candies, sweets and a few dinner items such as Stuffed Goose, Hen With Oysters, and Roast Pig with Pudding in its Belly.

This website: http://www.teachersfirst.com/lessons/shak-feast.cfm might be a little more feasable for the current chef.


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