The Walls’ itinerant nature brings up an important point about homelessness. So I thought I would share some stories and statistics to give people a basis as to what homeless people in America face today. This would be extra credit reading as it were and won’t actually apply to our discussion of the book

Family Homeless Facts – Green Doors

Surveys Show Homeless Kids, Families On The Rise – Stephanie Dickrell

Hidden Homeless: Some Valley Families, Students Struggle – Marcia Moore

Supporting Teens and Families in Crisis – Nina Shapiro

Homeless and Hoarding – Leah Sottle

Bill Offers Day-Care Subsidies to Families With Homeless Kids – MacKenzie Riggs

In Baltimore Schools, Free Meals for All – Erica L. Green

Concentration of Public School Students Eligible for Free or Reduced-Price Lunch – National Center for Education Statistics

That Homeless Man You Stepped Over Is My Dad – Abigail Haworth



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