Ocean Vuong Interview

Here is an interview Ocean Vuong did with PBS NewsHour

Jahren Lab

To get an idea about the author’s work, visit her website http://jahrenlab.com/ . She has a list of free PDF’s of her research and professional publicans that you can download and read. They also have a Twitter feed you can follow which is full of pictures.

New Books/Old Books

Hello! Happy Holidays. Just a quick bit of news: I’ve updated the list of books we have read previously. I have also put in the entire list of books we are going to read in 2018 (with links to the catalog). February’s book The Johnstown Flood should be available by February 1st at the Circulation Desk.

Dwight Yoakam – Readin’ Rightin’ Route 23

Facts About Autism

Just in case you need to wrap your head around the current realities of Autism in the world, I’m going to put up links to some great resources to learn more about it.

Illinois Autism Society: Latest Autism Statistics 

Autism Speaks – Autism at 70 – a reaction to a New England Journal of Medicine article and a brief historical timeline of Autism

Autism Speaks – Learn the Signs of Autism

National Institute of Health – Communication Problems in Children With Autism Disorder

Disability Scoop – Learn about some current Autism news stories

Excellent Local and National Organizations to Know About:

Giant Steps

Illinois Autism Society 

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

Autism Speaks


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