Tim Butcher Interviews

Here is a short interview Butcher did with NPR: http://www.wnyc.org/story/princip-pulled-the-trigger-but-never-meant-to-start-a-war/ 

And here’s a long-form printed interview: http://www.joshirby.com/2014/06/23/gavrilo-princip-weaponized-history-and-the-role-of-the-historian-interview-with-award-winning-author-tim-butcher-on-his-new-book-the-trigger/


Dr. Lucy Kalanithi

Here’s an interview from Paul’s wife Dr. Lucy Kalanithi with the California Commonwealth Club

Paul Kalanithi Interview

Here is an interview Paul did with NBC in 2014



Ta-Nehisi Coates Interview

JD and Usha

Normally I wouldn’t post 2 interviews but NBC did a segment on JD Vance and his wife Usha, which also includes Amy Chua, JD’s Yale Law mentor.


J.D. Vance Interview

Here’s an hour-long interview with J.D. Vance for his book on C-SPAN


Colson Whitehead Interview

As always, your monthly author interview. NPR interviewed Whitehead in 2015


Barbara Demick Interview

Per usual here is a link to an interview with the author about the book:

Barbara Demick Interview

Mary Roach Interview

Here is an interview Mary Roach did with C-SPAN’s Book TV


Jeannette Walls

Here’s an interview Jeannette Walls gave with Gothamist.

It has some interesting insight from Walls as she talks about her family’s reaction to the book, how insight from readers as made her look at her family, and some thought provoking thoughts about luck.

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