Tehran Traffic

While Hooman Majd gives a very succinct description of being a pedestrian in Tehran, it helps to see what exactly he might have dealt with every day. So here are some YouTube videos just showing traffic along with street scenes in Tehran. The last video is a POV of someone crossing the street!


Iran and Islam


This post is about explaining Iran’s special place in the Islamic world. Here are some great articles on Khomeini-ism, the conflict been different religious branches, and Iran’s evolving views on theocracy and populism with an Islamic framework.

U.S. Institute of Peace – The Iran Primer: Iran and Islam

Places of Peace and Power – Shi’a Islam

Council on Foreign Relations – Religion and Politics in Iran

Stratfor – In Iran, Political Change At a Measured Pace

Al-Jazeera – Iran’s Election Campaigns

Pew Research – Restrictions on Women’s Religious Attire (world)

New York Times – Cautiously, Iranians Reclaim Public Spaces and Liberties Long Suppressed




A Timeline of Iran’s History

Many of you will remember Jimmy Carter/Ronald Reagan’s Iran Hostage crisis  but might not know much about Iran’s before or after that crisis. Here are some helpful timelines that encompass Iran’s ancient history to it’s modern history. Here is a great analysis of Iran-U.S. relations from Congressional Quarterly.


Hooman Majd Interview

Here is an interview between NPR’s Dave Davies and Hooman Majd about The Ministry of Guidance Invites You To Not Stay. You can either read the transcript or listen to the interview. The interview itself is around 33 minutes and worth the listen if you have the time.

The Next Book: The Ministry of Guidance Invites You To Not Stay


August’s book will be The Ministry of Guidance Invites You to Not Stay by Hooman Majd. As always you can get copies at our Circulation Desk on the first floor. The discussion will be August 29th.

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