Interview with Haven Kimmel

As usual here is your interview with the author. This time around I couldn’t find any short audio or video interviews with Haven so I will link to a stenographied version of an audio interview: 

Recent Interview with Jeannette Walls

Here is a 2013 interview with Jeannette Walls with the New York Times. A definite read for those wondering how Jeannette and her family get on now.

Walls Family Wanderings

Someone at Tripline. net was kind enough to map out the travels of the itinerant Walls family! Check it out:

The Glass Castle

March Madness? Why not March Memoir? We are going to read The Glass Castle  by Jeannette Walls for our March 28th discussion

If you have a friend who wants to join the discussion they can pick up a copy from the Circulation Desk. They don’t need to call and sign up. Getting the book gives me an idea for numbers.

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