Barbara Demick Lecture

Here is a lecture Barbara Demick gave at BYU’s Kennedy Center. Just a note: there’s some buzzing in the PA system at the lecture site. It is not your computer.

Edwardian Spiritualism


It’s mentioned early in Thunderstruck about the Edwardian Age’s fascination with the paranormal. Spiritualism, a holdover from the Victorian period, fascinated the minds of many in European and American society. I decided to look a little closer into this phenomenon and brought out a few great articles!

First is this thoroughly researched article from Collector’s Weekly which not only goes into the history of planchettes – one of the many devices employed by mediums – but also a detailed look into Spiritualism itself.

Second I decided to pull up some newspaper articles of the time to get a feel for how people wrote about the seances; believers and skeptics.

The Evening News – 4/5/1904 – Look for the “Gossip of the Day” on Mr. William Frith, R.A.

The Monitor and New Era – 11/14/1908 – Read a “Seance Story”

St. James Gazette – 8/28/1903 – Some con artists and what the St. James Gazette sees as the root of Spiritualism

The Evening News – 3/9/1906 – A fraud is exposed

The Evening News – 6/20/1903 – Colonel Mayhew catches a con artist

If you want to read more articles from London newspapers from this time, or even American newspapers, you can use the database I used Access Newspaper Archives. It’s a great tool!


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