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The Next Book: The Ministry of Guidance Invites You To Not Stay


August’s book will be The Ministry of Guidance Invites You to Not Stay by Hooman Majd. As always you can get copies at our Circulation Desk on the first floor. The discussion will be August 29th.

James Madison – Montpelier

For those interested in the estate of James Madison, here is the official website of Montpelier, including the Annie DuPont garden, James Madison’s Landmark Forest, and other information about the grounds. Here are some great photos from Trip Advisor, showing much more of the grounds than the official website.

John Adams – Old House at Peacefield

For those interested in what John Adam’s estate looked like, here is a blog entry with excellent pictures. Here are official pictures from the National Park Service from Adams National Park of the Old House.

Thomas Jefferson – Monticello

For those curious about Thomas Jefferson’s estate Monticello, here are some photographs of the grounds including the flower garden, orchard, vegetable garden and the grove.  There is also a complete list of everything grown at Monticello here. And if you want to know what is in bloom when, find that out here.


Mount Vernon, History and Present

For those craving a little more about Mount Vernon than just what Andrea Wulf gives in the book (and it’s a lot!), here are some direct sources to learn about the history of Mount Vernon as well as some snapshots of what it looks like today.

Brought to us by the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association, we have a treasure trove of free online archives and information about Mount Vernon.

This link will bring you to the history of the estate, from Lieutenant Colonel John Washington to President George Washington. There are many helpful citations and maps to go with the narrative.

This link goes into great detail about the Vaughn Plan, shown by Wulf on p. 24.

This is an interactive map of Mount Vernon. For those interested, here are all of the maps, including maps drawn by Washington himself of the estate as well as wartime maps.

To see what Mount Vernon looks like now, take a Virtual Tour.

Interview with Andrea Wulf

As you have come to expect with a new book comes an interview with the author. Here is an interview Andrea Wulf did with Smithsonian Magazine when Founding Gardeners came out in 2010

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