Edwardian Spiritualism


It’s mentioned early in Thunderstruck about the Edwardian Age’s fascination with the paranormal. Spiritualism, a holdover from the Victorian period, fascinated the minds of many in European and American society. I decided to look a little closer into this phenomenon and brought out a few great articles!

First is this thoroughly researched article from Collector’s Weekly which not only goes into the history of planchettes – one of the many devices employed by mediums – but also a detailed look into Spiritualism itself.

Second I decided to pull up some newspaper articles of the time to get a feel for how people wrote about the seances; believers and skeptics.

The Evening News – 4/5/1904 – Look for the “Gossip of the Day” on Mr. William Frith, R.A.

The Monitor and New Era – 11/14/1908 – Read a “Seance Story”

St. James Gazette – 8/28/1903 – Some con artists and what the St. James Gazette sees as the root of Spiritualism

The Evening News – 3/9/1906 – A fraud is exposed

The Evening News – 6/20/1903 – Colonel Mayhew catches a con artist

If you want to read more articles from London newspapers from this time, or even American newspapers, you can use the database I used Access Newspaper Archives. It’s a great tool!


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